Material customization

SuperGrid material customization

So, how do I create SuperGrid materials?

In Content browser navigate to SuperGrid/StarterPack/Materials/Base and create new Material instance from any Base material then double-click on newly created Material instance to get settings!

Custom Texture

What settings do I have?

It varies from one base material to another, but in most of them you could specify grid spacing in centimeters, change colors, textures and roughness settings. Also you could move textures on mesh and hide normal map if it's not desirable on particular material and you want flat grid. Custom Texture

How to use custom textures with autoscale

What if I want to use auto-scale feature with my textures?

Easy-peasy! Just use UV_CustomTexture node instead of TexCoords for textures and you've settled.

Let's look how to build basic material with custom textures.

  1. Create a new MATERIAL in Content browser and open it.
  2. Hold T on keyboard and Left-click on material graph to create Texture Sample node
  3. Click on Texture Sample node and choose texture you want to use in left side menu
  4. Right-click on material graph to open Context search menu and type sup to highlight every single one SuperGrid node. Choose UV_CustomTexture for this time.
  5. Now just connect UV_CustomTexture TexCoord output to Texture Sample UV's input and then connect it with Base Color
Custom Texture